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Recent research papers

Joris Broere, Vincent Buskens, Henk Stoof, and Angel Sánchez.

Scientific Reports 9, 6842 (2019).

174.- Groups size effects and critical mass in public good games.

María Pereda, Valerio Capraro, and Angel Sánchez.

Scientific Reports 9, 5503 (2019).

Julián Vicens, Nereida Bueno-Guerra, Mario Gutiérrez-Roig, Carlos Gracia-Lázaro, Jesús Gómez-Gardeñes, Josep Perelló, Angel Sánchez, Yamir Moreno, and Jordi Duch.

PLOS ONE 13(10): e0204369 (2018).

Ignacio Tamarit, José A. Cuesta, Robin I. M. Dunbar, and Angel Sánchez.

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the USA 115 (33) 8316-8321 (2018).

171.- Cooperation on dynamic networks with an uncertain reputation environment.

Pablo Lozano, Alberto Antonioni, Marco Tomassini, Angel Sánchez.

Scientific Reports 8, 9093 (2018).

José Alberto Molina Alfredo Ferrer, J. Ignacio Giménez-Nadal, Carlos Gracia-Lázaro, Yamir Moreno and Angel Sánchez.

Review of Economics of the Household 17, 535-552 (2019).

Alberto Antonioni, María Pereda, Katherine A. Cronin, Marco Tomassini, Angel Sánchez.

Scientific Reports 8, 5375 (2018).

Anna Cigarini, Julián Vicens, Jordi Duch, Angel Sánchez and Josep Perelló.

Scientific Reports 8, 3794 (2018).

Xiao Han, Shinan Cao, Jian-Zhang Bao, Wen-Xu Wang, Boyu Zhang, Zi-You Gao and Angel Sánchez.

Scientific Reports 8, 1222 (2018).

166.- Physics of cooperation: experimental evidence and theoretical models

Angel Sánchez.

Journal of Statistical Mechanics: Theory and Experiments, 024001 (2018).

Mattia Mazzoli and Angel Sánchez.

Journal of Statistical Mechanics: Theory and Experiments, 113403 (2017).

164.- The emergence of altruism as a social norm

María Pereda, Pablo Brañas-Garza, Ismael Rodríguez-Lara, and Angel Sánchez.

Scientific Reports 7, 9684 (2017).

Julia Poncela-Casasnovas, Mario Gutiérrez-Roig, Carlos Gracia-Lázaro, Julian Vicens, Jesús Gómez-Gardeñes, Josep Perelló, Yamir Moreno, Jordi Duch, and Angel Sánchez.

Science Advances 2, 1600451 (2016).


Recent publications


  • 139.- Crowd Computing as a Cooperation Problem: An Evolutionary Approach.
    Evgenia Christoforou, Antonio Fernández Anta, Chryssis Georgiou, Miguel A. Mosteiro, and Angel Sánchez.
    Journal of Statistical Physics 151, 654-672 (2013).
  • 138.- Manifesto of computational social science
    Rosaria Conte, Nigel Gilbert, Claudio Cioffi-Revilla, Guillaume Deffuant, Janos Kertesz, Vittorio Loreto, Suzy Moat, Jean-Pierre Nadal, Angel Sánchez, Andrzej Nowak, Andreas Flache, Maxi San Miguel, and Dirk Helbing.
    European Physical Journal Special Topics 214, 325-346 (2012).






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