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Ángel Sánchez Sánchez


Main research project

IBSEN (Bridging the Gap: From Individual Behavior to the Socio-Technical Man). H2020 FET Open project.

Research highlights

Ignacio Tamarit and Angel Sánchez.

PLOS ONE in press (2016).

158.- Cooperation Survives and Cheating Pays in a Dynamic Network Structure with Unreliable Reputation

Alberto Antonioni, Marco Tomassini and Angel Sánchez.

Scientific Reports 6, 27160 (2016).

157.- Hierarchy is detrimental for human cooperation

Katherine A. Cronin, Dan J. Acheson, Penélope Hernández and Angel Sánchez.

Scientific Reports 5, 18634 (2015).

Recent publications

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Teaching 2015-16

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