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I am a postdoctoral researcher working in the IBSEN project (Bridging de gap: from Individual Behavior to the Socio-tEchnical maN).

I got my PhD in Process Systems Engineering at the University of Valladolid (Spain) in March 2014. My research work pursued to apply different artificial intelligence techniques to an automatic control problem: the control of a wastewater treatment plant. Afterwards, I did my first postdoctoral research period (2 years) at Universidad de Burgos, studying the emergence and resilience of cooperation in an ancient society using complex systems methodologies.

My major research interest is the study of Complex Systems and the discovery of patterns and unpredictable behaviors. The main methods of my research so far have been Agent-Based Modelling, Machine Learning, Game theory and a bit of Network theory. My other research interests are Complex Systems and Social Science. I am very interested in understanding the human being as a social individual and as a network member. I am very curious about the dynamics of norm formation, the diffusion of ideas and trends, collaborative behavior, and social networks on the Internet.

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