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Investigador postdoctoral
(Postdoctoral researcher)

Office: 2.2D10(Edificio Sabatini)
Phone: +34 916245960
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(2017) PhD in Mathematical Engineering

Universidad Carlos III de Madrid

(2012) MSc in Modelling and Physics of Complex Systems

Universidad Rey Juan Carlos I

(2011) BSc in Biology

Universidad Complutense de Madrid

I am working on Evolutionary Biology under the supervision of Jose Cuesta. Our aim is to understand the complexities of the genotype to phenotype mapping and infer their consequences on evolutionary dynamics. Some of our recent papers are:

-Catalán, P., Arias, C.F., Cuesta, J. A. and Manrubia, S. 2017. Adaptive multiscapes: an up-to-date metaphor to visualize molecular adaptation. Biology Direct 12:7. [PDF]

-Arias, C.F., Catalán, P., Manrubia, S and Cuesta, J.A. 2014. toyLIFE: a computational framework to study the multi-level organization of the genotype-phenotype map. Scientific Reports 4:7549. [PDF]

2017/2018 - Linear Algebra, Problems, Group 37 (Bachelor's Degree in Industrial Technologies)

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