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Theses defended in thedepartment PhD program Other theses supervised bymembers of our department Master theses defended
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The evolution of technology and applied sciences conveys the need for a flexible and multidisciplinary education. The Master in Mathematical Engineering offered by Universidad Carlos III de Madrid aims to provide students with the necessary tools to face technological or scientific problems by means of:

  • Some mathematical, physical and statistical foundations.
  • Mathematical modelling.
  • Analysis and numerical solution of models.
  • Validation of models and result.

The Programme aims to gain the adequate tools in a Graduate degree referring to acquisition, integration and communication of the knowledge obtained, development of skills in solving problems and introduction to research. Obtaining the Master degree endows the student to know the most advanced computer science tools (software) in the field of Applied Mathematics and Statistics. These tools are useful to deal with problems and simulation of sceneries to evaluate the different methods and techniques acquired. Additionally, the Master can be considered as the ideal mean to a later enrolment in a Ph D Programme.

Master in Mathematical Engineering official page.

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