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Chapters of books, proceedings, papers in nonindexed journals...

  1. F.M. Dopico and M. Tsatsomeros, 25 years of the Electronic Journal of Linear Algebra, to appear in IMAGE (The Bulletin of the International Linear Algebra Society).
  2. F.M. Dopico and J.M. Sanz-Serna, Normas, matrices reales, vectores complejos, La Gaceta de la Real Sociedad Matemática Española, 22 (3) (2019), p. 514.
  3. F.M. Dopico, M.C. Quintana and P. Van Dooren, Linear system matrices of rational transfer functions, to appear in "Realization and Model Reduction of Dynamical Systems. A Festschrift to honor the 70th birthday of Thanos Antoulas", Springer-Verlag. (arXiv: 1903.05016)
  4. F.M. Dopico, Feature Interview to Daniel Szyld, IMAGE (The Bulletin of the International Linear Algebra Society) 61 (2018), pp. 6-8.
  5. F.M. Dopico, Book Review on Numerical Methods in Matrix Computations by Ảke Björck, SIAM Review, 58 (2016), pp. 363-365.
  6. F. De Terán, F.M. Dopico and D.S. Mackey, Linearizations of matrix polynomials: sharp lower bounds for the dimension and structures, Actas electrónicas del XXI C.E.D.Y.A/XI Congreso de Matemática Aplicada. Ciudad Real, 21-25 septiembre 2009.
  7. F.M. Dopico, Matemática Computacional: Un nuevo pilar para el desarrollo científico y tecnológico. Chapter in the book Matemáticas en la frontera: Nuevas infraestructuras matemáticas en la Comunidad de Madrid, Computación e Interacción I+D+i. Coordinadores: M. de León, J.L. González Llavona,A. Ibort y E. Zuazua. Pages 102 - 115. Comunidad de Madrid, Consejería de Educación (2007).
  8. J. Moro and F.M. Dopico, First Order Eigenvalue Perturbation Theory and the Newton Diagram. Chapter in the book Applied Mathematics and Scientific Computing, edited by Z. Drmac, V. Hari, L. Sopta, Z. Tutek and K. Veselic. Invited contribution for the Proceedings of the Second Conference
    on Applied Mathematics and Scientific Computing, held June 4-9, 2001 in Dubrovnik, Croatia. Pages 143-175. Kluwer Academic Publishers (2003).
  9. O.M. Bulashenko, L.L. Bonilla, J. Galán, J.A. Cuesta, F. C. Martínez-Dopico and J.M. Molera, Dynamics of Resonant Tunneling Domains in Superlattices: a Discrete Drift Model. Chapter in the book Quantum Transport in Ultrasmall Devices, D.K. Ferry, ed. Pages 501-504. Plenum Press (1995).
  10. L.L. Bonilla, J.A. Cuesta, J. Galán, F. C. Martínez-Dopico and J.M. Molera, Electric Field Domains in Superlattices: Dynamics. Chapter in the book 25 Years of Non-Equilibrium Statistical Mechanics. Proceedings of the XIII Sitges Conference. Sitges, Barcelona (Spain), 13-17 June 1994. J.J. Brey, J. Marro, J.M. Rubí, M. San Miguel ed. Pages 327-337. Springer-Verlag, Lectures Notes in Physics, Vol. 445 (1995).
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    Semiconductors, Vancouver, Canada, August 15-19, 1994, J. Lockwood, ed. Pages 1039-1042. World Scientific (1995).
  12. F. C. Martínez-Dopico and L.L. Bonilla, Estabilidad de soluciones incoherentes en un sistema hamiltoniano de osciladores acoplados. Actas del XIII C.E.D.Y.A./III Congreso de Matemática Aplicada. Madrid,13-15 de septiembre 1993. A. Casal, L. Gavete, C. Conde, J. Herranz ed. Pages 539-544. Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (1993).
  13. A. Loarte, F. C. Martínez-Dopico and M. Soler, Determination of \Xi_e from X-Ray observations of sawtooth heat pulse propagation in JET ohmic discharges, JET report (89) 28 (1989),  pp. 1-12.
  14. A. Loarte, F. C. Martínez-Dopico and M. Soler, TRANSP simulation of ohmic sawteeth in JET, JET report (89) 12 (1989), pp. 1-42.

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