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Academic Year 2021-2022.

  • Linear Algebra. First year Bachelor' Degree in Aerospace Engineering (in English).
  • Calculus II. First year Bachelor' Degree in Biomedical Engineering (in English).
  • Ordinary Differential Equations. Third year Bachelor' Degrees in Applied Mathematics and Computing (in English)

Academic Year 2010-2021.

  • Undergraduate Teaching.
  1. Calculus I. First year Bachelor' Degree in Mechanical Engineering (in English).
  2. Calculus II. First year Bachelor' Degrees in Biomedical Engineering (in English) Industrial Technologies and Telematic Engineering.
  3. Calculus III. Third year Bachelor' Degree in Industrial Technologies Engineering (in English).
  4. Linear Algebra. First year Bachelor' Degrees in Aerospace and Industrial Technologies Engineering (in English).
  5. Differential Equations. Second year Bachelor' Degree in Biomedical Engineering (in English).
  6. Advanced Mathematics (Differential Equations). Second year Bachelor' Degree in Aerospace Engineering (in English).
  7. Advanced Mathematics (Complex Variable and ODEs). Second year Bachelor' Degree in Audiovisual Systems Engineering. 
  8. Advanced Mathematics (Linear Algebra). Second year Bachelor' Degree Statistics and Business.
  • Postgraduate Teaching. Partial Differential Equations and Advanced Numerical Methods. Masters in Mathematical Engineering.



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