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The Department of Mathematics carries out research at an internationally competitive level in Mathematics, Physics and other sciences. This research is mainly of a fundamental character, but there are some projects in which the private sector is involved. Currently, the research of the Department is organized in four groups:

  • Grupo de Análisis Matemático Aplicado (Group of Applied Mathematical Analysis, GAMA).
  • Grupo de Ecuaciones Diferenciales y Aplicaciones (Group of Differential Equations and Applications, GEDA).
  • Grupo de Matemática Aplicada a Control, Señales y Sistemas (Group of Mathematics Applied to Control, Systems and Signals, GMACSS).
  • Grupo Interdisciplinar de Sistemas Complejos (Inter-disciplinary Group of Complex Systems, GISC).
  • Grupo de Métodos Numéricos y Aplicaciones (Group of Numerical Methods and Applications, GNMA)

The web pages of the groups contain updated information about their specific research topics, their members and their main results.

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