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Title: Modelización, Simulación y Análisis de Sistemas Complejos (MOSAICO)
Code: FIS2006-01485
Center: Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación
Head: Ángel (Anxo) Sánchez
Period: 2007-2011
Number of participants: 25
Summary: Complexity is a newly arising science that studies emergent phenomena in systems with a large number of agents, i.e.,collective behavior that appears because of the interaction and not predictable or understandable from the individual ones. Social systems, formed by people; the brain, formed by neurons;macromolecules, formed by atoms, or the weather, formed by fluxes of air and water, are good examples of complex systems. This discipline has an intrinsic horizontal character that, based on Physics and Mathematics,touches upon all the traditional branches of Science, as well as on Engineering, Management or Medicine, focusing on questions about parts, the whole and their relationship. There are three main interrelated basic issues: the study of how interactions give rise to patterns of behavior; the design of new methods to describe and analyze complex systems, and the process of formation of such systems.

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