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Fellow, Ion Beam Society of India



Catedrático de Universidad (Full Professor)

Office:  2.2.D23 (Edificio Sabatini)

Phone: +34 91 624 59 44

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Bachelor in Physics (extraordinary Bachelor award, Universidad Complutense de Madrid) and Ph.D. in Science (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid). Member of UC3M since 1996, after a 2-year postdoctoral stay in Boston University (USA). Full Professor since 2016. Mathematics Department vice-head in 2008-2009. Person-in-charge for Grupo Interdisciplinar de Sistemas Complejos (GISC)-UC3M (2010-2016). Director for Master's Degree in Computational and Applied Mathematics (since 2020). Research area: Statistical Mechanics, with a special focus on growth phenomena and non-equilibrium interfacial processes. Principal investigator for several national coordinated grants grouping experimental and theoretical groups devoted to the study of surface and interface dynamics in various hard and soft condensed matter systems. Advisor to 5 Ph.D. thesis. Member of the editorial board of J Stat Mech Theory & Experiment (2004 to 2010) and Review Editor of Mathematical Physics for Frontiers in Applied Mathematics and Statistics and Frontiers in Physics, since 2016. Young investigator award (2011) by Consejo Social UC3M.

Licenciado en Ciencias Físicas por la Universidad Complutense de Madrid (premio extraordinario) y doctor en Ciencias por la Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. Miembro de la UC3M desde 1996, tras 2 años de estancia postdoctoral en Boston University (EE UU). Profesor Titular desde 2000 y Catedrático de Universidad desde 2016; subdirector del Departamento de Matemáticas en 2008-2009. Responsable del Grupo Interdisciplinar de Sistemas Complejos (GISC)-UC3M (2010-2016). Director del Máster en Matemática Aplicada y Computacional (desde 2020). Área de investigación: Mecánica Estadística, con especial atención a los fenómenos de crecimiento y procesos interfaciales fuera del equilibrio. Coordinador de varios proyectos nacionales de investigación aunando grupos teóricos y experimentales, dedicados al estudio de la dinámica de superficies e intercaras en sistemas diversos de materia condensada dura y blanda. Director de 5 tesis doctorales. Miembro del comité editorial de J Stat Mech Theory & Experiment (2004 a 2010) y Review Editor de Mathematical Physics para Frontiers in Applied Mathematics and Statistics y Frontiers in Physics, desde 2016. Premio de Excelencia a jóvenes investigadores del Consejo Social de la UC3M (2011).


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Most recent publications

  • Enrique Rodríguez-Fernández and Rodolfo Cuerno: Transition between chaotic and stochastic universality classes of kinetic roughening, Physical Review Research 3, L012020 (2021)
  • S. Jo, J. Jun, E. Lee, S. M. Yoon, J. Seo, J. Muñoz-García, R. Cuerno, and J.-S. Kim: Order improvement of surface nanopatterns via substrate rocking under ion bombardment: experiments and nonlinear models, Physical Review B 102, 045421 (2020)

Guest Editor for special issues in JCR-indexed journals

Reviews in JCR-indexed journals

Some articles in JCR-indexed journals

Universal behavior of crystalline membranes: crumpling transition and Poisson ratio of the flat phase.

R. Cuerno, R. Gallardo Caballero, A. Gordillo-Guerrero, P. Monroy, and J. J. Ruiz-Lorenzo.

Physical Review E 93, 022111 (2016)

NEW! Master's Degree in Computational and Applied Mathematics at UC3M


A mathematical equation that explains the behavior of nanofoams

 A mathematical formula elucidates the geometry of cauliflower-like surfaces


Non-equilibrium dynamics of thin films - solids, liquids and bioactive materials

September 20 to 23, 2016, CECAM-HQ-EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland

 Workshop on Nanoscale Pattern Formation at Surfaces, El Escorial 18-22 September 2011; for a follow-up, see Guilford (UK) 7-10 July 2019

Talk (.pdf, 5 Mb) at International School on Ion Beams in Materials Science, IUAC New Delhi, 2012

Talk (.pps, 6 Mb) at MBI CTW Workshop 2011: Free Boundary Problems in Biology


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